Reverse frozen shoulder, bursitis, impingements, general shoulder pain, and much more

The 40-Day Shoulder Pain Solution — Or Your Money Back!

The Doctor Created Patent-Pending System That Works Better Than Pain Meds or Expensive Surgery

Strengthen Your Shoulder During The Day... Create Blood Flow to Reduce Pain & Stimulate the Joint at Night

Shoulder Reliever

Shoulder Reliever

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Doctor Invents Device After Treating His Own Shoulder Pain

This product comes from the front lines of medicine. I am a family doc, I see tons of shoulder pain.

Many people have told me physical therapy alone wasn't enough to eliminate their shoulder pain. Surgery is very painful, and remarkably frustrating.

And I know because a decade ago I suffered from unbearable shoulder pain myself! After some trial and error I invented the ROTATOReliever. I've enhanced and updated the product in 2019, which we now call Shoulder Reliever.

I've have gotten the product to 13,000+ people. Simply put... Shoulder Reliever works.

If you do not like it I will give you your money back with our 60-day Money back Guarantee.  

It's the shoulder pain solution.

Our simple solution combines the best daytime exercise and a revolutionary nighttime brace that puts your arm in a position of healing. The exercise utilizes a dynamic stabilization program.

Our nighttime brace prevents you from pinching the most sensitive area of the shoulder.

Say Goodbye to Shoulder Pain...
Shoulder Reliever Works for All Shoulder Types & Ages


Why do we guarantee our product? ROTATORELIEVER gets results — better results than the “usual” treatments. We took a group of patients with shoulder pain and have half of the group the usual treatment. The other half used our system. All patients using ROTATORELIEVER improved, while less than half the patients in the “usual” group made undesirable gains. We presented our research at the American College of Sports Medicine national meeting. You have purchased a lifetime treatment for your shoulder. A treatment that ensures a life of restful sleep, painless reaching, and playing catch the way God intended — overhand. We stand behind our results 100% or you get your money back, no questions asked.